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Deborah has been painting in oils for over 30 years working closely with artists she admires– Poul Thrane (from whom she learned the love of painting outdoors and really being in the moment); Mary Lampman (who beat some solid basics into her) and Lucy Manley (who celebrates Deborah’s love of pure colour and thick paint.)


Deborah has enjoyed great support in showing her work from the Mattel Corporation, Deloitte & Touche, Gallery on the Lake Buckhorn, The Whitby Library, Camp Samac, A Gift of Art Gallery Newcastle,
Firehall Bistro, The Piano Bar and Café PP, Muskoka Arts, Backstreet Gallery Port Perry, Station Gallery Whitby, Gallery 121 Belleville, Pine Ridge Arts Council and collegues from the Ministry of the Attorney
General as well as festivals in Niagara on the Lake, Muskoka and Uxbridge.


“The opportunity for me as an artist is to look beyond what is before my eyes .... and seek the hidden treasure trove of colour and bring it to life. Yes, there is mauve in the snow and pink in the sky and blue
in the bark of a birch tree. There are 30 shades of green in a farmer's field and endless colours reflected in a lake. The opportunity for you as the viewer, is to be innocent of any preconceived notions
of "what should be"  and just enjoy the artist's eye of "what could be."   
I drive all the backroads and ride endless trails on my horse in search of inspiration - and find gold in the marsh weeds and red in the water lilies. Why not be filled with the wonder of how many blues there
are next time you look at the sky?    
I encourage you to step back and soak up the paintings from across the room.  Let your eyes rest on the symphony of colours, perhaps altering your perspective on a simple landscape and bringing it to life in a new way. Colour can be a powerful emotional trigger.  My hope is that the work stirs happy memories, warms your heart and surprises and delights your inner child.


Welcome to my colourful viewpoint, I hope you Enjoy!


Deborah Bateman
905 242-0587

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